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Advanced Smartlist by Encore

Advanced Smartlist by Encore



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Advanced SmartList is an extension to SmartList in Microsoft Dynamics GP. With Advanced SmartList, users can sum columns, insert totals in the query, group and sort the data thereby, reducing the need to export data to Excel.

How this product helps

This product enables:

  • Inserting totals in the Smartlist .
  • Grouping by columns by Dragging and dropping the column headers.
  • Sorting and filtering the information.
  • Side-by-side comparison and analysis of data using Snapshot functionality.
  • Reorder the columns.

Best of all the features, Advanced SmartList is compatible with SmartList Builder.

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This third party product is referenced in case of following requirements:

· Grouping data

Drag column header “Vendor ID”


SmartList grouped by Vendor ID


· Adding total for the column without having to export smartlist to excel sheet.

Right click on column


Insert subtotals


References to Encore Advanced Smartlist from Newsgroups/Community

Disclaimer – Please refer to the complete discussions, we have put in excerpts below just for reference.

Reference #1

Q: Feature to total column in SmartList. A: If you need totaling in SmartLists, you can (a) dump them to Excel and total yourself – cost is a few minutes of time OR (b) look at Advanced SmartList from Encore.  Here is a demo movie: http://www.encorebusiness.com/Downloads_Demo_Movies.asp.  I believe the cost is around $1,000. Victoria Yudin


Reference #2

Q: Are you able to do a group by in Smartlist?  We have a customer who wants to know what their top 50 purchases are in terms of dollars.  This customer purchased well over 35000 line items from us.  I can run a sales detail smartlist and it will show every line item but it will not group like items together. Any suggestions on how to do this in smartlist?  Or would I need to write a sql query?

A: I just got an email from Encore Business Solutions.  They’re offering a Summer special – Advanced SmartList for $1,000.  This tool provides grouping capabilities to SmartList, as well as other features. Frank Hamelly


Installation and configuration

1. Run installer


2. Installation Wizard is launched


3. Select version of GP


4. Select Installation Path


5. Complete installation wizard


6. Include new code


7. Enable Advanced SmartLists


8. Open the Encore Product Registration window and register

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Encore Product Registration

9. Expand Advanced Smartlist details


10. Enter registration keys



Re-order columns effortlessly.

Drag and drop to different positions to reorder


Drag column headers to group by columns and define subtotals.

Screen 1: Drag column header “Vendor ID”


Screen 2: SmartLists grouped by Vendor ID


Screen 3: Insert subtotals by Vendor


Within the grid row each column has pop-up menu options including Sum, Min, Max, Count, Average or none (removes any of the above filters).

Screen 1: Right click on column


Screen 2: Max calculated in SmartLists


Filter and Sort data

Screen 1: Filter by any column


Screen 2: Sort on any column


Snapshots for side-by-side comparison and analysis


Export data to Microsoft Excel and automatically inherit the same look and feel as the Excel worksheet features such as column headers, auto-filtering, grouping and subtotal functionality.

Screen 1: Click Excel icon


Screen 2: SmartLists exported to excel


Export data to other formats including PDF, Text, HTML, CSV, Tab Delimited, MHT, Rich Text, Graphic and XML.

Screen 1: Click Print Preview icon


Screen 2: Export Document


Screen 3: Smartlist exported to pdf


Website and Download

Website: http://www.encorebusiness.com/Products/Encore-Products-for-Microsoft/Advanced-SmartList.aspx

Other References –


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