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Dynamics GP Toolbox by Rockton

Dynamics GP Toolbox by Rockton



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Dynamics GP Toolbox is a set of modules that helps in administrative tasks in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Toolbox includes tools to improve navigation, security, and the User Experience of Dynamics GP. The Password Policy tool allows for advanced password change rules, and the User Lockout tool forces logouts of unauthorized users.

How this product helps

This product enables:

· Managing the logins, logging –out of inactive Users, and creating advanced passwords.

· Monitoring GP license usage using Login Logging.

· Redirecting zooms to Inquiry when a user can’t access Cards.

· Opening or closing periods across multiple companies at the same time.

· Finding windows without needing to know its menu location using Mentor.

· Adding notes or Tips of the Day to any window in GP.

· Finding field and table information.

· Finding the Role/Task needed to grant or revoke Security access.

Which Requirements does this product help meet

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This third party product is referenced in case of following requirements:

· Logging off idle users if they have not had any activity for specified time period.


· Disabling user logins into GP temporarily for running maintenance procedures using the System Maintenance Lockout option.

The System Maintenance Lockout tool allows the system administrator to prevent users from logging-in. This tool will also force users already logged in to exit the system. clip_image002

An Optional Lockout Message can be displayed when denying login access or requesting a user to exit. If this message is not entered, the default message will be used:


· Changing/enforcing the password policies

Password Policy Options provides password restrictions similar to those available in Microsoft Windows. These options can be applied to both User passwords and the System password.


Installation and configuration

Installation and Configuration

1. Copy the Toolbox.cnk file and any files with an extension of .xml included in the downloaded or unzipped software into your local Dynamics GP installation folder. clip_image005

2. Login to GP and include the chunk file.



1. Click Ok


2. Complete the Installation Wizard


3. Register


4. Enable/disable tools from Toolbox System Settings

Tools >> Set up >> Dynamics GP Toolbox >> System Settings



Feature List

Create advanced passwords (like set minimum required length, upper case, numbers in passwords).


Manage logins, logout inactive users


Login Logging monitors GP license usage


Open or close periods across multiple companies at the same time.


Inspector helps find field and table information (useful for Smartlist Builder, Extender, etc.)


Mentor finds any window without needing to know its menu location.


Search for a window.


Click on search result to open the window.


Redirect zooms to Inquiry when a user can’t access Cards


Popup adds notes or Tips of the Day to any window in GP.


Version Pro keeps all workstations on the same version of the software you use in your Dynamics GP network.


Website and Download

Website: http://www.rocktonsoftware.com/products.aspx?p=12

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