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Recurring Contract Billing by Encore

Recurring Contract Billing by Encore



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Recurring Contract Billing automates and manages repetitive or cyclical invoicing for organizations that provide customers with ongoing products and services, along with billing and payment options. Contracts are created in this module and the process of “create invoices” sends selected contracts to Microsoft Dynamics GP Sales Order Processing for billing purposes.

How this product helps
This product enables:

  • Selecting the currency ID per contract.
  • Reducing the time spent on correcting bills.
  • Creating repeat billing batches.
  • Reconciling invoices with cash receipts.
  • Tracking down billing problems.

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This third party product is referenced in case of following requirements:

· Creating a contract for recurring document (Quotes, Orders and Invoices).


· Entering inventory and non-inventory items.

· Specifying at the line item level when the contract will start billing, how often it is to be billed (i.e. monthly, annually).

· Specifying Expiry date for the contract.


· Printing legal contracts ready for customer acceptance of services and fees.


References to Encore Recurring Contract Billing from Newsgroups/Community

Disclaimer – Please refer to the complete discussions, we have put in excerpts below just for reference.

Reference #1(In the question, the person is saying that they DON’T use SOP. However, Charles is recommending Encore which is for SOP)

Q: How does one setup up recurring invoices. We use Invoicing to create our monthly billing. Because the billing is fairly simple we do not use Sales order processing. Many of  the invoices are same every month, and I could not find a way to create recurring invoices? A: GP can’t do recurring invoices. What it can do is repeating quotes in SOP that can be transferred to invoices. We have a client doing this. It’s pretty easy. Otherwise, you could look at a product like Encore’s Recurring Billing module. It generates invoices in SOP and works very well. Charles Allen http://groups.google.com/group/microsoft.public.greatplains/browse_thread/thread/81a6f424b5a8290a/282becfc254ff11f?lnk=gst&q=Encore#282becfc254ff11f

Q: Is there a way to setup a contract and show the decrement of inventory items sold on that contract? So if we have a monthly contract to lease equipment, we would like to show the inventory quantity as being consumed and not available for another customer. I have been looking into the equipment and configuration options but they don’t seem to affect inventory.

A: Unless I am missing something, your question does not quite sound right. Can you please describe the business process you are referencing here? It sounds to me that if you are leasing equipment, you are most likely supposed to set tthe equipment up as Fixed Assets and depreciate it accordingly, this is, move the equipment out of inventory and treat it as a fixed asset — your accountant should be well versed on this.I won’t particularly use the Field Service Contract Admin module to bill for equipment leasing, but rather something like Recurring Billing from Encore, unless your lease terms are too complicated to manage (i.e., you need calculate interest and other charges associated to the lease) in which case you may want to look into a leasing application directly and interface it to your GP’s GL. Mariano Gomez


Installation and configuration

1. Run installer


2. Installation Wizard is launched


3. Select version of GP


4. Select Installation Path


5. Include new code


6. Open the Table Conversion window:

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Maintenance >> Recurring Contract Billing >> Table Conversion


7. Select Process. Tables will be created, permissions will be set, and existing data will be converted


8. Open the Encore Product Registration window and register

Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> System >> Encore Product Registration

9. Expand Recurring Contract Billing details


10. Enter registration keys



Integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) for Receivables or fully integrated credit card applications.

Transactions >> Sales >> Recurring Contract Entry

Navigate to Options tab. EFT options are available in Auto Payment Type dropdown.


Enter inventory and non-inventory items and specify at the line item level when the contract will start billing, how often it is to be billed (i.e. monthly, annually) and when the contract will expire.

Transactions >> Sales >> Recurring Contract Entry

Navigate to Line Items tab.


Print legal contracts ready for customer acceptance of services and fees.

Click Print button of Recurring Contract Billing.

Terms and Conditions in Report can be added using Report Writer.


Create quotes, orders and invoices in Sales Order Processing.

Transactions >> Sales >> Create Recurring Documents


Click Create to create recurring invoices/orders/quotes


Invoice created for current billing cycle


If invoices, quotes or orders are deleted or voided within Sales Order processing you have the option to Rollback the contract to its original state.


Monitor contract expiry dates to proactively negotiate contract renewals.

Recognize revenue evenly over a predefined period using the Deferral Profile functionality.

Website and Download

Website: http://www.encorebusiness.com/Products/Encore-Products-for-Microsoft/Recurring-Contract-Billing.aspx

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