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SmartFill by Rockton

SmartFill by Rockton



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SmartFill is a google-style search tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP that allows user to type part of the Name, Description, or other fields, into any ID field and then discovers the ID and types it in.

How this product helps

This product enables:

· Searching for Ids based on descriptive fields like description, city, name or any other field.

· Both Begins With and Contains lookups whereas GP supports Begins With search in lookups.

· Defining the fields which users want to use in setup Window and using them in all applicable lookups automatically.

In GP, by default you can search by ID field only

Example: In Customers Lookup window, Search by Customer ID is available


There are few additional options available in lookups; however, you cannot search by all fields. In addition, you will need to select one of the additional options; GP does not automatically select the additional fields. You can search by one field at a time.


With Rockton Smartfill, you can type value for any field you want, and it automatically fetches all possible matches.


Option to define the fields for search in Rockton Smartfill

You will just need to define the search field once in the setup window in SmartFill, instead of selecting them each time in lookup window


Which Requirements does this product help meet

This third party product is referenced in case of following requirements:

· Search by any string to return a list of all possible matches.

· A keyword search would bring up all matches, not matches starting with string.

· Option to make the default for Customer/Vendor ID Search to search by Customer/Vendor Name.

· Allow item search by item description with additional sort option.

Installation and configuration

Installation and Configuration

1. Copy the files:

· Smrtfill.cnk file

· Copy each of the Object text files (named SmartFill *****.txt, where ***** is the object name) and the Field Mappings file (SF_FieldMappings.txt) to the same directory

· Online Help file (SmartFill.chm)

2. Login to GP and include new code.


3. Click OK when prompted for installing Smartfill.


4. If the set up window is not opened automatically, open it from GP >> Tools >> Setup >> SmartFill >> SmartFill Setup

Select Install/Upgrade Smartfill

Click Process. Complete the Installation


5. Register Smartfill



Feature List

Work with all Customer, Vendor, Item, Account, and Employee fields throughout Dynamics GP and any 3rd party product.

Provide a short list of all the matches if there is more than one match, so that you can choose from the filtered list.


Search for Ids based on descriptive fields like description, city, name or any other field.


Allow both “Begins With” and “Contains” lookups.



Website and Download

Website: http://www.rocktonsoftware.com/products.aspx?p=5

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  1. steve
    • I have used this product
    Smartfill in the coolest GP product out there!

    Steve Capello Biography:

    Steve is a Dynamics GP consultant with Contoso Ltd.

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