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The Closer by Reporting Central

The Closer by Reporting Central



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Product: The Closer
Description: Balance the General Ledger with the Inventory, Sales Order, Accrued Purchases, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, COGS and Cash Sub-Ledgers
Company: Reporting Central
Website: http://reporting-central.com/closer.php
Areas: Financial
Categories: Reconcile
Details: See BelowView a Demo of The Closer

The Closer for Microsoft Dynamics GP® is the only tool that automates the process of reconciling the sub-ledgers to the General Ledger. The Closer not only identifies transactions that are out of balance – it explains their root cause. Whether General Ledger distributions are posted to the wrong period or Journal Entries to Control Accounts – The Closer will identify the errors with the push of a button.

Remove the tedious and time consuming process of ticking and tying sub-ledgers in Dynamics GP. Completely balance the General Ledger with the Inventory, Sales Order, Accrued Purchases, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, COGS and Cash Sub-Ledgers. Fully reconciled sub-ledgers and transaction details provide the ultimate base for reporting and making informed decisions.

Benefits of The Closer

  • Eliminates manual ticking and tying
  • Reduces month end closing time
  • Eliminates write-offs
  • Ensures financial reports and operational reports agree
  • Reduces audit and compliance risks
  • Identifies problem transactions
  • Explains the cause of the problem
  • Suggests corrective actions
  • Ensures GL and sub-ledgers tie to the penny
  • Builds trust with Microsoft Dynamics GP information

Close the books quickly and reconcile Dynamics GP completely.

The Closer is a great way to help you save time, money and resources. With The Closer month-end and year-end processes are completely streamlined and your books will balance to the penny.

Top Expert Reviews

  1. mark
    • I have used this product
    • I can help out
    I’ve been a huge fan of The Closer since it’s release. With an accounting background I love the way that The Closer clearly shows what went wrong. Things like “AP Account not used on AP transaction” or “Transaction posted in the wrong period” are a huge help in fixing problems, not just diagnosing them. The Closer cover more modules than the base Dynamics GP reconciliations tools, it is more intuitive and more mature in how it treats special transactions like payment via credit card. The team behind The Closer is knowledgable and responsive to both questions and requests. In short, The Closer is highly recommended without reservation.

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