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WennSoft Project Management Portal

WennSoft Project Management Portal



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WennSoft Project Management Portal allows organizations to create documents and manage projects from one central location. Custom workflows keep project managers updated on project status, tasks they need to complete and dates missed by others (including vendors), allowing issues to be identified before they become a problem. It is built on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS).

How this product helps
This product enables:

  • Creating and tracking project documentation.
  • Keeping projects on track with customized workflows, reminders and tasks.
  • Providing Project managers with live, up to- the-minute cost and project detail .

Which Requirements does this product help meet

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This third party product is referenced in case of following requirements:

· As an alternate for Project Accounting module.

· Manages project documentation like :

1. Change order logs and associated documents

2. Correspondence

3. Contracts and subcontracts

4. Meeting minutes

5. Photos

6. Requests for information (RFIs)

7. Shop and architectural drawings

8. Submittal logs and associated transmittals

· Integrates with Microsoft Outlook

When Project Manager Portal is synchronized with Outlook, project site content is also available offline.  Any changes that you make offline through Outlook are posted to the server when you reconnect.

This is how the WennSoft Project Management Portal Home page looks like: clip_image001

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Disclaimer – Please refer to the complete discussions, we have put in excerpts below just for reference.

Reference #1

Q: Isn’t it strange that Analytical Accounting isn’t integrated with Project Accounting module, especially in Timesheet and Employee Expense transactions? For the Inventory Items which required for a project are usually purchased and then transferred, but it’s required to enter the list of all items and details in some place (like sales Order or Back Order which is linked to a Project) and then generate the PO according to these requirements as required. Is there a link between the Project and the Items sold/required other than PO Entry? This is important when Assembly trx are required, because if the project items are all assembled, we need to automate the assembly transactions and the purchase orders of the raw materials. So, if the finished goods are entered in a sales order linked to a project, we will be able to generate the required assembly trx and the required POs for the raw materials. It seems PA is dedicated for Professional Services sector rather than Constructions sector. A: You are right about Project Accounting. It is designed for professional services firms. WennSoft is much more suited for the environment you’re describing. Charles Allen, MVP


Reference #2

Q: I have a long term client who is currently using a proprietary (and old) system for their accounting/sales/CRM system. They are looking to replace it with something better and easier to find help with. They perform maintenance on aircraft as their main activity. They also sell parts to outside customers, and sell aviation fuel to customers who fly into their facilities. The aircraft ‘Work Orders’ can be quite large, with more than 1000 individual items in work, with labor and parts applied (typically, a ‘Work Order’ billed out to a customer has more than $1M in labor and parts on it). Usually, they have about five of these large projects in work at a time, along with multiple smaller projects. Is Dynamics GP a good starting point (they have 105 employees, annual sales of about $30M)? As I am their ‘IT Guy’, and they come to me for their network, server, desktop needs, it would be good to get them to continue along with more Microsoft products. A: GP can certainly handle your requirements.  At first glance, it looks to me like you would want a project accounting module to handle the ‘work orders’ rather than using GP manufacturing as it sounds like these projects can be long-term in nature and you might want to do progress billings, etc. If that’s the case, my suggestion would be to look at some of the 3rd party project accounting applications out there rather than using GP’s Project Accounting as in my humble opinion, it is too cumbersome and user-unfriendly.  Some of the notable 3rd party apps come from Olympic Systems, WennSoft, Marcil Technologies, and a couple others that don’t come to mind right at the moment. Good luck, GP is a great platform. Frank Hamelly


Reference #3

Q: my company is looking at BI reports using either one of the below: - 2005 reporting services - Webhouse - Panorama Data source = GP 9.0 . can anyone tell me the main difference between the three products or any recommendations? A: SQL Server 2005 reporting services provide you browser-based reports that can be accessed from the GP home page or a web page displaying a catalog of reports. The technology is built into SQL 2005. To build the reports you need to use the SQL Server 2005 reporting services portion of Visual Studio, which is installed with SQL Server 2005. Web house is from Professional Advantage but no longer exists except for added cubes for Project Accounting, WennSoft, and one other item. The financial and distribution cubes are available from Microsoft. You get the financial cubes with the foundation layer of GP. You can add on the distribution cubes as part of the Advanced Analysis Cubes. The cubes can be accessed using the Pivot Table Creator for Excel, the Excel add-in for SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Reporting Services, Business Portal, Crystal Reports, and many other report writers. I do not know anything about the last item. Charles Allen, MVP




Keep projects on track with customized workflows, reminders and tasks



Connect to Outlook feature enables synchronization of the content from Project Management Portal to the project sites in Outlook

Screen 1: Connect Project Management Software to Outlook


Screen 2: Changes made in outlook are synchronized when reconnected


Provides the tools needed to create and track common project documents, such as RFIs, meeting minutes, daily job reports, safety meeting reviews, submittals and transmittal.

Screen1: Web parts for Daily Job Forms, Project Meeting Minutes, Change Order, Submittals, and Transmittals etc.


Screen 2: Daily Job Form


Screen 3: Submittal Log


Allows project managers to track the submittal and approval of project documents thereby, helping them understand the potential impact on a project’s schedule.

Provides the inquiry access to financial system items such as Job Status with drill down to individual cost transactions, customer invoice summaries, customer change orders, forecast revisions, notes and attachments.


Website: http://www.wennsoft.com/challenges-you-face/project-management/index.aspx

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