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Year-End Forms Portal by Greenshades

Year-End Forms Portal by Greenshades



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Greenshades Year-End Forms Portal is a web portal that loads W-2, 1099, or T-4 information onto a secure website where employees/vendors can log in and download their own forms as PDFs.

How this product helps

This product enables:

· Importing year end forms into web portal (DownloadMyForm.com).

· Editing forms for employees and vendors.

· Employees/Vendors to access the web portal and download the forms.

· Mailing out batch of forms.

· E-Filing Forms to the government.

· Making Form Corrections and sending corrected forms to employees.

Read more about the features with screenshots below.

You can also refer to https://www.downloadmyform.com/demo/dmfoverview.aspx

Which Requirements does this product help meet

Which Requirements does this product help meet

This product is referenced in case of the following requirement:

· Sending forms to Employees/Vendors and e-filling of forms

Since, Microsoft Dynamics GP does not support sending forms to Employees/Vendors and e-filling of forms, using Greenshades, you can upload your forms. If you don’t have Greenshades Center, you can upload using Microsoft Excel.

You can get sample excel format from https://www.downloadmyform.com/demo/Overview_Import.aspx#ExcelImport

Greenshades Year End Forms portal has option to set the forms for employees and vendors to download.

You can allow recipients (Employees/Vendors) to log into website, provide credentials, and receive their form online.

You can restrict access of the receipts. For instance, DownloadMyForm.com may provide 2-UP, 4-UP, and 4-DOWN versions of the W-2 form. An Administrator can restrict their employees to only see the 2-UP.

You can verify the information in the forms, verify the totals and submit them to the government.

Supported Forms are:

  • W-2
  • 1099 Miscellaneous
  • 1099 Dividend
  • 1099 Interest
  • 1099 Patronage
  • 1099 Original Issue Discount
  • 1099-R
  • 1099-S
  • W-2 G
  • 1042-S
  • 1098 Contributions
  • T-4
  • T-4a


References to Greenshades Year End Forms from Newsgroups/Community

Disclaimer – Please refer to the complete discussions, we have put in excerpts below just for reference.

Q: Will GP generate a file for electronic submission of 1099 information returns to the IRS?  I am unable to find how to use this functionality if so.  Thank you.

A: I don’t know how much the Greenshades software costs, but we’ve used the software YES (year end solutions) for several years and it works great – not integrated with GP though, you need to export to a text file. http://www.newportwave.com/

Leslie Vail



Note: Greenshades Year End Form is online portal to create and distribute over one million W-2s, 1099s, and other tax forms. It does not have any installation steps. It needs to be configured.

1. Go to https://www.downloadmyform.com and click on the ‘I am an administrator’ picture in the center of the page.


2. If you have previously used MyGreenshades, sign in using the same credentials you set up there.

If you don’t have a password or have forgotten your password, simply click the ‘I don’t know my password’ link.


3. Once you have logged in, the exact page that you see depends on how many separate workspaces you have loaded on DownloadMyForm.com for the current tax year. A ‘workspace’ is any unique combination of EIN and type of form for a particular year. Select option to choose which workspace you wish to administer.


4. The first time that you administer a specific workspace, you will see a series of welcome screens.


5. The first welcome screen will ask you to verify basic company information.


6. The second welcome screen will ask you to configure various options that apply to recipient access.

The second welcome page will also allow you to configure what your recipients will use for their usernames and passwords when they sign in.

Also, you may choose to upload a company logo.


7. The third welcome page helps you to configure specific aspects of what your recipients will be able to see and edit once they log in.


Feature List

Load W-2, 1099, or T-4 information into secure website



Employees/vendors can log in and download their own forms as PDFs


Corporate administrators may also log into the site and view PDFs of the forms as well as make edits.


At year end, outsource the mailing to Greenshades. Greenshades will print, stamp, and mail forms to their recipients.

Or at year end, do the print and mail in-house. Print forms on blank paper and mail.


Website and Download

Website: http://www.greenshades.com/products/dmf.aspx

Greenshades Center Download available:

Greenshades Year-End Forms download:

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